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£20 Clearance bargain box

£10.00 £20.00

Looking for a great bargain? Look no further than our fantastic Clearance Box! Packed full of £20 worth of goodies, this box can now be yours for just £10!

What can you expect to find in this delightful box? Well, the contents may vary from box to box, but each one is guaranteed to contain a minimum value of high-quality products. You might find fantastic wax melts that will fill your home with amazing scents. Or perhaps you'll receive one of our luxurious bath bombs that will turn your bathroom into a spa-like experience. If you're looking for something more practical, there's always hand soap - perfect for keeping those hands clean and germ-free!

But the fun doesn't stop there - what about trying out our room sprays? They're perfect for keeping any space smelling amazing and fresh all day long. And if you're after something fun and bubbly instead, check out our bubble bars - they'll add some fizz and excitement to any bath time routine!

Remember: the contents may vary from box to

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