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Wax Melts


Get your perfect home fragrance with our luxurious scented wax melts, we have over 80 different fragrances to choose from each hand-poured using premium quality fragrance oils and natural soy wax. Vegan and cruelty free - each wax melt comes in a 60g clam-shell that you can snap up and use multiple times. Each piece typically has a burn time of 12 hours before the fragrance burns away, meaning you can get up-to around 120 hours with just one wax melt bar.

To use this product, remove from packaging and snap the wax placing it onto the well of your wax melt burner then light an unscented tea light carefully placing it into your burner. Never overfill the burner and keep away from Children and pets to avoid accidents. Never leave burning candles unttended. Keep away from draughts. Wait until the wax has completely cooled and solidified before moving the burner to avoid accidents. Burn on a heat resistant mat. Wax spills may stain surfaces.

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